Succumb (Writing as Curiosity)

Give in to seduction
Succumb to pleading hands.
Give in to temptation
Succumb to thy neighbor.
Give in to untamed passion
Succumb to new found ecstasy.
Give in to desire
Succumb to curiosity.
Give in to searing libido
Succumb to thirst.
Give in to the sizzle
Succumb to blazing flames.
Give in to tangled bodies
Succumb upon the balcony.
© 2014 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity
All Rights Reserved.

Concrete Promises (Valentine’s Day Discount!)

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Here’s an excerpt from Concrete Promises:
He beats her with emotional jabs,
Sets her up with the charming left,
Then the dashing right comes promptly after.
He punctures her gentle soul with splinters,
Slowing sucking away her grace.
She is blinded by youthful love,
Unable to register the truth.
Time after time again
She is made out to be the fool,
Oblivious to all his goddamn lies.
His infidelities tear her to shreds,
Crumbling a once pure-hearted woman
To her freshly scabbed knees.
It is my job
To restore faith upon her soul.
It is my job
To give life to her waning trust.
My job is to pull the wool from her eyes
And force her to accept the truth.
My job is to wipe away the salty tears
And blow hope upon the scars left behind
From the emotional jabs of past love.
© 2013 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity
Excerpt from Concrete Promises
Published by Spilt Ink Poetry
All Rights Reserved.
Concrete Promises (Cover)

What Stalks Me (Writing as Black Angel)

Art by © 2014 by Fernando Gallegos

Art by © 2014 by Fernando Gallegos

Inspired by Judith Ortiz Cofer’s Poem “The Other”

Something, or someone, stalks my dreams.
Though I have grown accustomed to it.
In my most susceptible state, I wonder what is
to blame for the unknown that combs my insomnia.

In the dimmest moments of dawn’s arrival,
I am reminded of the likeness I do not wish
to have in my possession. It seems to only appear
when I visit Mother’s tombstone, this something,
or someone, never forgetting to taunt.

For years and years, I did not see the face
of this something, or someone—until my last visit
to Mother’s grave. This something, or someone
I speak of, appears at a distance, in a torn, red
silk dress, midnight skin, and a mane of hoary.

And my tightened flesh is like the newly
tailored suit I slip into whenever
I mourn the unknown.

© 2014 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Black Angel.
Excerpt from Burdens
Published by Spilt Ink Poetry.

Art by © 2014 by Fernando Gallegos

Cover Art by © 2014 by Fernando Gallegos

Two Days Left…

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– Charles Banks, Jr.
Here’s an excerpt from Concrete Promises:

Her voice is the gentle spring rain,
Brushes of wind against the pure white sails
On the sailboat I made with my own bare hands.

Her voice is the ocean’s serene waves
Masturbating each grain of my anxiety;
Strokes of heavenly bliss as the illicit
Moans of pleasure escape the depths of pain.

Her voice is a timid lover’s sweaty palm,
A warm embrace I feel against
My cheek whenever I blush with doubt.

Her voice is the gentle spring rain,
Tears upon the window pane as
I stare below at the silhouette of a goddess
Departing into the midnight’s obscured lights.

Her voice is like sounds of 6:00 AM,
Love birds chirping in a nearby tree,
Tea kettles whistling on the stove,
A tender lover’s good morning salutation.

© 2013 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity

Excerpt from Concrete Promises
Published by Spilt Ink Poetry

Concrete Promises (Cover)

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Concrete Promises on

Concrete Promises: By Charles Banks, Jr. (Writing as Curiosity). Published by Spilt Ink Poetry; July, 2013.

Concrete Promises: By Charles Banks, Jr. (Writing as Curiosity). Published by Spilt Ink Poetry; July, 2013.

On the Doorsteps (Writing as Curiosity)

Constantly knocking
constantly falling short
constantly coming up short of my goal
constantly fighting acceptance
a constant disapproval I let get me down
constantly wearing a depressed face.
Constantly walking without any sense of direction
a constant downpour of pain and suffering, deception and deceit
constantly settling for no Bianca
constantly having no sunshine in my city
constantly settling for last place no more!
© 2009 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity.
Excerpt from “The Flower that wasn’t Meant to Blossom”
Published by PublishAmerica, LLLP.
The audio performance of this piece can be heard at:
Published by PublishAmerica, LLLP.
Published by PublishAmerica, LLLP.

My New Chapbook of Poetry!!!

Greetings poets, poetry lovers, followers, and casual readers! Hope all is well. I have an announcement! On January 17, 2014 (59 days away), I will be self-publishing my sixth collection of poetry (my third chapbook ). Burdens, written as Black Angel and Curiosity explores some of the unwanted burdens one carries throughout life. The book will be distributed as a PDF file to anyone that is interested in reading. All you have to do is send an e-mail to stating that you want to be on the “Burdens Chapbook”  E-mail list!

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Respectfully yours, Charles Banks, Jr.

Photo by Derrick Denton (May 2, 2013)

Photo by Derrick Denton (May 2, 2013)