Never Haste (by Curiosity) New Poem

Photo taken from the WEB

Photo taken from the WEB

Never Haste

She was warm when I entered her
for the very first time
Life, that is…
My virginity on display
before I journeyed deep
into her unknown depths
for the very first time.
I became familiar with her inner workings,
how to arouse her fire
how to discern her secrets
Life, that is…
But when pain gave way to pleasure
Darkness to Light
Hurt to Ecstasy,
she withdrew from my touch
closed the doors to her moist chambers
and whispered for my virgin ears to hear:
“Remember, never haste.”

© 2013 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as Curiosity

Open Your Eyes


Open your eyes

and you shall finally see

beyond the illusions of false wealth

deeper than the fruits of the obvious.

Only to witness

an organized intervention

with those who profess they care.

Open your eyes

and view all the good

beyond the cynicism

at the mountain’s peak.

Only to breathe

the most genuine relief

with no restriction.

© 2011 Written by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as BLACK ANGEL