Solace (Writing as Black Angel)




To tune out the horrid sounds
of the outside world,
I will do anything!
It should be outlawed to openly discuss
celebrity tweets and political scandals.
Well, at least outside of coffee shops,
sports bars on Super Bowl Sunday,
and crowded Irish pubs on St. Patrick’s Day.
Such extraneous talk is not worth absorption.
I’ll settle for a dingy gray hoodie,
Beats headphones
blaring a symphony of Marshall Mathers
my encomium transmitters
of pertinent information
an outlet from impurity and bullshit.

© 2014 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Black Angel

Bittersweet Blizzard (Writing as Black Angel)

Photo taken from the WEB

Photo taken from the WEB

Bittersweet Blizzard
Such chaotic intrusions—
Loud voices
Antagonize me
With the intent to dispirit.
An abrupt suspension—
Hushed voices
Soothe me
With a massage of comfort.
© 2013 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Black Angel

The Good Doctor’s Prescription


A young woman enters the doctor’s office

With an inquiry dangling from her tongue.

How do I have sex without getting pregnant?

The good doctor pauses. “Well, it’s real simple, darling!

Just spin this wheel, consume the Wednesday pill,

and come to this address at 7:00 PM.

© 2011 by Charles Banks, Jr.