The Love I Desire (Writing as Curiosity)




The Love I Desire

Exposed to society
Unscripted kind of love.

Repulsive to others
Fourth of July kind of love.

Risky business kind of love.

Unable to fathom
Soap opera kind of love.

© 2014 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity
All Rights Reserved

A Leaf Dried (Writing as Curiosity)

A Leaf Dried
A leaf dried
Stepped on
Scattered self.
Everything is dried
Parched goods
Loses life.
My heart
My trust
My reality.
Flutters by
A companion?
Another leaf dried?
Someone to share in the loneliness.
© 2014 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity
All Rights Reserved

A Valentine’s Day Suggestion!

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Need more persuasion? Fine! Read an excerpt from the book:
Old Love, New Possibilities
Life is beautiful
Just like you are.
So take the time to smell the
Candles that bless the air with a
Fresh scent.
Take the time to splurge a bit…
You deserve it.
You’re too beautiful to shed tears
And wallow in self-pity.
Take that frown of yours
And turn it upside down.
Though your road seems rough
With an emotional roller coaster
The road will smooth out.
Your pretty smile that lights
Up a room like a sunflower
In the summertime will shine again.
One lover lost and another
May appear. One door closes and
A chapter has finished.
Another door opens
And a different chapter is written.
Sometimes the signals are
Right under your nose, and the
Handsome frog is leaping in your
Line of sight.
© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity
Excerpt from A Rose in the Name of Love
Published by and Charles Banks, Jr.
All Rights Reserved.
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Sincerely yours,
Charles Banks, Jr (Poet/Hopeless Romantic)
A Rose in the Name of Love

Succumb (Writing as Curiosity)

Give in to seduction
Succumb to pleading hands.
Give in to temptation
Succumb to thy neighbor.
Give in to untamed passion
Succumb to new found ecstasy.
Give in to desire
Succumb to curiosity.
Give in to searing libido
Succumb to thirst.
Give in to the sizzle
Succumb to blazing flames.
Give in to tangled bodies
Succumb upon the balcony.
© 2014 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity
All Rights Reserved.

Concrete Promises (Valentine’s Day Discount!)

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Here’s an excerpt from Concrete Promises:
He beats her with emotional jabs,
Sets her up with the charming left,
Then the dashing right comes promptly after.
He punctures her gentle soul with splinters,
Slowing sucking away her grace.
She is blinded by youthful love,
Unable to register the truth.
Time after time again
She is made out to be the fool,
Oblivious to all his goddamn lies.
His infidelities tear her to shreds,
Crumbling a once pure-hearted woman
To her freshly scabbed knees.
It is my job
To restore faith upon her soul.
It is my job
To give life to her waning trust.
My job is to pull the wool from her eyes
And force her to accept the truth.
My job is to wipe away the salty tears
And blow hope upon the scars left behind
From the emotional jabs of past love.
© 2013 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity
Excerpt from Concrete Promises
Published by Spilt Ink Poetry
All Rights Reserved.
Concrete Promises (Cover)