Two Days Left…

Happy Sunday, all! There’s only two days left to get a signed copy of Concrete Promises, my romantic chapbook of poetry at the holiday price of $5.00! Head on over to eBay or send payments via Paypal to!!!
– Charles Banks, Jr.
Here’s an excerpt from Concrete Promises:

Her voice is the gentle spring rain,
Brushes of wind against the pure white sails
On the sailboat I made with my own bare hands.

Her voice is the ocean’s serene waves
Masturbating each grain of my anxiety;
Strokes of heavenly bliss as the illicit
Moans of pleasure escape the depths of pain.

Her voice is a timid lover’s sweaty palm,
A warm embrace I feel against
My cheek whenever I blush with doubt.

Her voice is the gentle spring rain,
Tears upon the window pane as
I stare below at the silhouette of a goddess
Departing into the midnight’s obscured lights.

Her voice is like sounds of 6:00 AM,
Love birds chirping in a nearby tree,
Tea kettles whistling on the stove,
A tender lover’s good morning salutation.

© 2013 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity

Excerpt from Concrete Promises
Published by Spilt Ink Poetry

Concrete Promises (Cover)

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