Shadow in the Midnight

Shadow in the Midnight (Writing as Black Angel) was published online at Cadence Collective: Long Beach Poets

Cadence Collective: Long Beach Poets

Foot 3
By Charles Banks Jr.
(A Rewrite)

Black I am, and I am hiding
from the man with the black beater in hand
and the shiny badge on his chest.
He is relentless in his pursuit
of finding and locking me up.

I hide in the alleyways
with overflowing dumpsters
that have been neglected
like most black men.
I have never pointed the finger of blame
but now my hand may be forced.

As I see the truth
while knelt down on the cracked alley floor
avoiding the racist white cop
I have come to the realization that
life is unfair
and it never will be fair and just.

One of the many sad realizations
we have to face in America.
I never completely understood why
foreigners’ longed to come here.

Everything that’s printed in books
advertised in magazines, shot on film,
sensationalized in music
slant the truth.

People are not…

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