Unhealthy Portions (Writing as Curiosity)

Photo taken from the WEB

Everyone wants a piece of me.
So take one,
Invite yourself for seconds
Indulge in a sinful third.
Use a rusted fork as your weapon of choice
Dig through the burnt crust of my heart,
Right down into the tart blackberry core.
But please make note of its bitter aftertaste.
You can blame my unfair Sophia for that!
She claimed to love me
But women lie…
They all lie!
Everyone wears masks
Everyone disguises themselves as allies.
So, please, take a portion of my soul,
Invite yourself for thirsty seconds,
Indulge in thirds, if there are any leftovers.
© by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity
Excerpt from End of the Road
Published by Lulu.com in Print and e-book.

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