Say Goodbye (Writing as Curiosity)

Photo taken from the WEB
Photo taken from the WEB
I say goodbye to the emotional whippings
The beatings on the side of the tool shed
The slaps across the face at crowded A-list parties.
My term of indentured servitude has concluded.
Rip up the once lawfully binding contract
And throw its remnants into a paper shredder.
In turn, let us erase our memories,
Any recollection of our 4-year charade of a partnership.
Each kiss she planted a poison ivy seed.
Each kiss drained my hope.
Each kiss crippled me.
I wave goodbye to the whippings
The poignant monopoly on my broken spirit
The welts that line the spine of my back.
I am free to find another woman now
One with poison ivy lips to exterminate my core.
© 2012 by Charles Banks, Jr.
Writing as Curiosity.
Excerpt from End of the Road
Available on in Print and eBook.

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