Timid Lips (Writing as Curiosity)

Photo taken from the WEB

Photo taken from the WEB

As she invaded my privacy,

My lips trembled in the wintry chill.

She tried to press her flushed lips to mine.

Maybe by kissing me, she thought, I’d bring her new life.

My lips in turn reserved the right and morphed into

Reluctant participants—I shut my eyes in terror.


Despite the blockade I furnished, she dared to inch closer,

Bulldozing her way into uncharted plains in my heart.


“Just caress me…”

“Just hydrate my intimate thirst…”

“With your naked intentions…”


A strong desire to contribute in a kiss wisped

Through my timid body like a gust of wind.

She stroked my face with her cold, bare hands

And bridged the gap my apprehension assembled.


Her breaths felt comforting against my scarred visage.

“Don’t be afraid!” she whispered.

“Trust me!” Her bare palm upon my beating chest.



Her declaration seemed sincere.

What choice did I have but to believe

In the sweet nothings she whispered?


My trembling lips ceased, eyes opened,

My beating chest eased, and I gave into

Her flushed lips.

© 2013 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as Curiosity

Excerpt from Concrete Promises

Published by Spilt Ink Poetry


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