Concrete Promises Update

Good evening, or morning, whatever it may be. I hope your lives are well and good. I am proud to announce that my chapbook, Concrete Promises has sold 30 copies in the first week. If you do not know, I am selling copies from my home at $6.00 a copy. I’d like to thank everyone who has already bought a copy of the book. It was a long, grueling process, filled with low points and high ones. The publication of it is definitely the highest point. I received a review courtesy of Julie Catherine, who graciously read my book and bestowed upon it, kind words. Aside from all things Concrete Promises, I will be celebrating six months cancer-free on the 28th of July. Thanks again to everyone who has sent well wishes my way. I certainly appreciate it. In honor of the landmark moment in my life, I will be posting two new poems Never Haste and No Vacancy. Hope everyone enjoys reading on the 28th! Thanks again everyone!


– Charles Banks, Jr.


Link to Concrete Promises Review:




Concrete Promises (Cover)


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