May the World See Me (Black Angel)

Photo taken by Derrick Denton, in association with Spilt Ink Poetry

Photo taken by Derrick Denton, in association with Spilt Ink Poetry

May the World See Me

To the bone.

Let them see the
Intimate scars on the blank
Canvas of my decomposed self—
Each imperfection, each tainted loin.

My penis is erect—
Attention turns me on.

Gawking stares
Groupies fixate,
Let the beach-blond beauties
Of the world see me for me.

To the bone.

by Black Angel

Beauty of Butterflies (Curiosity)

Photo taken from the WEB

Photo taken from the WEB

Beauty of Butterflies

I remember walking in haste
One sunny day in May,
As many of us often do—
Unattached from nature.
It was chance, I guess,
Or fate, I assume—though
I’ve always relied on the empirical,
That I stopped by this particular garden.
Rich in flowers and bushes,
It was like having an optical orgasm.
I fixated on a group of butterflies,
Five or six, resting on a bush with
Strange flowers. They were striking
Shades of red and purple and orange.
I found a connection with them.
“Maybe I am a butterfly!” I thought.
Maybe cancer is like the life cycle of a butterfly.
Maybe my life before cancer is like
The caterpillar before the butterfly.
I remember smiling for the first time
In ages it seemed. I had something
To look forward to, life as a butterfly perhaps,
Colorful and vibrant, after the cocoon of cancer.

by Curiosity

Cancer Update

Fellow readers to my blog, thank you for the continued support! I’ve been battling cancer for the last few months, engaged in radiation for the last seven weeks. Today, I completed my treatment, and am on the road to recovery. I’ve been writing ALOT of poetry in the past months and I think it’s time to post a couple of poems. So, here are two new poems, “May the World See Me” and “Beauty of Butterflies” I hope you enjoy! Let poetry live on forever! Oh, yeah, almost forgot, Cancer, fuck you!!!

– Charles Banks, Jr.