New Poetry Post

Hey guys, I just posted a new poem over on my blog. A throwback poem from my first book, A Rose in the Name of Love. Brings back memories!


Ocean, a pale blue-eyed

beauty that stole my immediate

attention like the perfect sunset,

like a beauty never viewed


Brushing her aroma along the

sand of the beach.

Ocean’s core, so deceitful, I

can barely get a read on it.

Usually with most I can

become intimate but Ocean holds

back, she has been polluted for years.

I cannot blame her.  I cannot blame

Ocean for being over-cautious of

polluted contents.

My immediate and unwavering

attention is drawn to Ocean,

pale blue-eyed Ocean with

curves that ride in the wind

in a sultry fashion.


– Charles


Photo taken from the WEB

Photo taken from the WEB

Concrete Promises

Concrete Promises

My romantic chapbook of poetry is now available on now! Check it out!

New Spilt Ink Blog Entry (Victims of Society)

Hey guys, check out the latest entry over on the Spilt Ink Poetry Blog! The entry titled “Victims of Society” is now posted for everyone to read! And be sure to check out Concrete Promises, the romantic chapbook of poetry on Tuesday March, 26th online at for $1.99.


– Charles


Photo taken from the WEB

Photo taken from the WEB

New Spilt Ink Poetry Blog Post (“Not Just Yet”)

Hey guys, check out the newest poem on the Spilt Ink Poetry Blog, titled “Not Just Yet.” Thanks again for supporting my work!

– Charles

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Photo taken from the WEB

A Simple Reminder

Spilt Ink Flyers

Hey everyone, hope you guys are having a great day/night, wherever you are. I am writing to tell you once again about my new blog, the Spilt Ink Poetry Blog. It is dedicated to my new project, a five-part series of collections of poetry chapbooks. The first collection will be available as an eBook on in the next couple of weeks. If you are interested in buying the physical copy, you’ll be buying directly from yours truly. I will be providing signed copies of the book! Check out the blog if you haven’t already!




Also, if you’re interested in my writing, I have another blog, dedicated to my past writings. It’s over on If you have a Tumblr blog, feel free to stop by and check out some of my older material. If you don’t have a Tumblr blog, feel free to check it out!  There are excerpts from my previous three collections of poetry and one chapbook of poems.


I thank everyone for reading my blog and supporting my writing!

– Respectfully yours, Charles Banks, Jr.



New Spilt Ink Poem Posted “We’re Not Alone”

Hey guys, I just posted a new poem from my newest chapbook, titled “We’re Not Alone! Please check it out and tell me what you think!


– Charles



Hey guys! Check out my new blog, dedicated to older material from my first four collections of poetry, “A Rose in the Name of Love,” “Angel’s Passion,” “The Flower That Wasn’t Meant to Blossom,” and my first chapbook of poetry “End of the Road.” If you enjoy my writing, please feel free to check out the blog! And once more, thanks for the support!

Sincerely Yours, Charles