Rich Girl (Curiosity) Excerpt from End of the Road Chapbook

Photo Taken from the WEB


Oh, now she is a rich girl!

Rockin’ those Dolce & Gabbana shades

in the California summer to disguise

the imperfections behind her slutty hazel gaze.

Chanel Number 5 is the scent that remains;

it stalks as I get drunk off cheap liquor store wine and

down pills in this suffocating, sun-deprived apartment.

She parades down Rodeo Drive with a knock-off

Gucci bag and a papparazi mob all around.

I swear, telling by all these fuckin’ piranhas with cameras,

you would think she was someone important.




I could never get her off that damned Blackberry!

She wore it like a third earring.

And now they have these bluetooth thingies where

you don’t even have to hold the phone anymore—

Like she needs incentive to be any lazier.

Oh, she’s such a rich girl now!

Rockin’ that California girl swagger;

UGGS and blue jeans in the summertime,

flip flops and daisy dukes in the wintertime.

She’s become a slave to superficial items,

caught up in the hype of Hollywood,

forgetting how life was before all the fame and fortune.

© 2012 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as CURIOSITY

Excerpt from “End of the Road”

Published by and Caution Tape Poetry

© 2012 by Charles Banks, Jr. Writing as CURIOSITY; Art by Selena Howard



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