Captain Savior (By Curiosity)


He beats her with emotional jabs,

Sets her up with the charming left,

Then the dashing right comes promptly after.

He punctures her gentle soul with splinters,

Slowly sucking away her grace.

She is blinded by youthful love,

Unable to register the truth.

Time and time again,

She is made out to be the fool,

Oblivious to all his goddamn lies.

The dishonesties tear her to shreds,

Crumbling a once pure-hearted woman

To her freshly scabbed knees.

It is my job,

To restore faith upon her soul.

It is my job,

To lay my hand upon her heart

And give life to her wavering spirit.

My job is to pull the wool from her eyes

And force her to accept the truth.

My job is to wipe away the salty tears

And bandage the scars left behind

From the emotional jabs of past love.

© 2011 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as CURIOSITY


5 thoughts on “Captain Savior (By Curiosity)

  1. Charles dear Charles. Your work is absolutely amazing. I have sat here this morning and read every one of them twice. And since there is no Follow buttom that I’m able to locate through my mobile page I am forced to bookmark it instead in order that I not chance losing you. I am on my wayto as well to place an ord
    er for your book. Much success in all that you do. Wow! M.

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