How I Won the War (By Curiosity)


It was a pivotal battle between the two of us…

The most decisive of all our intimate encounters.

Ten years from now I will look back on

This critical contest and I will marvel in my victory.

We attracted each other like

Negative and positive charges.

Cinnamon spice laid its siege

A gentle touch of Vanilla Musk

Stabbed my nostrils with a Swiss Army knife.

Sophia’s bullets of affection penetrated my defenses,

Almost paralyzing me for life.

I was guarded in my retaliation—

A cautiously planned counterattack followed.

My tactics… flawless.

They brought her to her knees.

A white flag appeared…

Perhaps it was a strategic ploy,

But it didn’t matter,

Because I gave in to her surrender.

She had never looked so desirable before.

Temperate touching commenced…

Then sinful sweating,

And melodic moaning,

Which led to hours of pulsating pleasure

On the campground.

2011 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as CURIOSITY


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