Absentee Leaders


Where are they?

Where do they currently reside?

What is their current GPS location?

The leaders of the world—

Do they choose to hide?

Do they choose to conceal their powers from the idiot magnets?

Have we become so self-indulgent?

So dependent on man-made items

that we have lost the ability of critical thinking and basic observation?

Are the leaders of the world hiding in dark caves,

carving out new mathematical formulas and

philosophical findings on the cave’s walls?

Are the leaders of the world exiled to a secluded island?

Are they at the peaks of the tallest mountains,

observing the idiocy below through idiot-proof telescopes?

Can they see with vivid detail each song lyric

scribbled on note pads with very little originality?

Can they see that artists of the past

are being robbed blind of their once prestigious work?

Can they see the dried up pen of writers with no muse?

Do they even exist?

Written as Black Angel

© 2011 by Charles Banks, Jr.


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