Stick and Stones (Battleground of Love)

Sticks and Stones (Battleground of Love)


I wish I could hold you again

the privilege is too much for me to give up

I realize that dreams ever so often come true

I can only hope and pray to Cupid that

this particular wish is granted.

As the hands on the grandfather clock continue to move,

I am becoming older in regret

I am succumbing to this torture that

I have inflicted on myself.

Don’t you think I have suffered enough?

Haven’t you put me through enough by

being arms length away from me?

At an unbearable distance away from me?

I have fought this battle of

love once before

and I have won a few battles

on opposing grounds.

I have never encountered such

a war tactic like yours

my defenses are down and I am

on the offensive attack.

My heart is on the front line

taking the bullets of rejection.

Why do you hold yourself back?

Why do you torture me with such a


We aren’t getting any younger, you know?

Shall we make peace instead of war?

The bloodshed to my heart

cannot continue any further.

I am waving the white flag, surrendering

to love.

Not forever, though, when I am

strong enough I will return in an

attempt to once and for all win you over.


© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Excerpt from page 31 of A Rose in the Name of Love

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr. Writing as CURIOSITY

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