Old Love, New Possibilities

Old Love, New Possibilities

Life is beautiful

just like you are.

So take the time to smell the therapeutic

candles that bless the air with a

fresh scent.

Take the time to splurge a little


You deserve it.

You’re too beautiful to shed tears

and wallow in self-pity.

Take that frown of yours

and turn it upside down.

Though your road seems rough

with an emotional rollercoaster

the road will smoothen.

Your pretty smile that lights

up a room like a sunflower

in the summertime will shine again.

One lover lost and another

may appear.  One door closes and

a chapter has finished.

Another door opens

and another chapter is written.

Sometimes the signals are

right under your nose, and the

handsome frog is leaping in your

line of sight.

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Written as CURIOSITY

Excerpt from page 6 of A Rose in the Name of Love

Published by Lulu.com/Charles Banks, Jr.


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