Moments We Shared



I remember when we first fell in love

The moments we shared in secrecy

Just to get away from life’s rigors

We trusted each other unconditionally.


I miss those good days

Holding you tightly in the chill of late autumn

I miss our strolls through Central Park

My heart aches now when I see lover’s stroll.


What happened to the moments we shared?

Can we recapture them?

The butterfly kisses from across the room

The finishing of each other’s sentences

Can we rediscover it all?

© 2011 By Charles Banks, Jr.

Written as CURIOSITY

In My Dreams

In My Dreams



In my dreams, you hold me tight.

Making love till morning’s light.

Holding me closely with your might.

In my dreams, pleasures are shared

passionate desires never rare.

In my dreams

we share everyday obstacles thrown our way,

together, forever come what may.

In my dreams, our love true, eternally

binding me to you. Something found by very few.

In my dreams

I am with you.

© 2009 By Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as CURIOSITY


© 2009 By Charles Banks, Jr. Writing as CURIOSITY

The Tunnel

The Tunnel











Eight, seven, six, five.

Four, three, two, one.


The one chance I’d been

thriving for my entire life

was upon me.

Directly in front of me,

there it was.


Would I fumble my only chance?


Would I give in to

the temptation of quitting?


I’m walking down the dark tunnel.

The crowd noise increases

with each step I take.


I don’t want to leave

the darkness of the tunnel.

For the darkness is my home.


The darkness has birthed me.

© 2008 By Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as BLACK ANGEL




© 2008 By Charles Banks, Jr. Writing as BLACK ANGEL

Say Goodbye (Break-Up Anthem)













I say goodbye to the emotional whippings

the beatings on the side of the tool shed

the slaps across the face at crowded A-List parties.


My term of indentured servitude has concluded.

Rip up the once lawfully binding contract

and throw its contents in a paper shredder.

In turn, let us erase our memories,

any recollection of our 4-year travesty of a partnership.


Each kiss she planted a poison ivy seed.

Each kiss drained my hope.

Each kiss crippled me.


I wave goodbye to the whippings

the poignant monopoly on my broken spirit

the welts that lined the small of my back.


I am free to find another woman now,

one with poison ivy lips to exterminate my core.



© 2011 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Written as CURIOSITY

Open Your Eyes


Open your eyes

and you shall finally see

beyond the illusions of false wealth

deeper than the fruits of the obvious.

Only to witness

an organized intervention

with those who profess they care.

Open your eyes

and view all the good

beyond the cynicism

at the mountain’s peak.

Only to breathe

the most genuine relief

with no restriction.

© 2011 Written by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as BLACK ANGEL