Game of Cat and Mouse

Game of Cat and Mouse

Fighting the cravings

Seeds of a grown man’s dirty intentions

Like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

The cat wants the mouse.

He can no longer resist the pungent

Sensation of his temptation… to touch her.

He needs her, to travel deep inside her build.

He wants to stroke her, seize her, and to kiss her.

He needs to feel her—her warmth, and her erotic embrace.

He wants his parched lips to meet with hers.

The craving to be close

Pelvis to pelvis

Grows steadily inside.

Invasion of spaces.

He wants to gain her trust,

And assault her body with his undying elation.

The mouse toys with the overly aggressive cat.

She plays the game extremely well…

For a rookie to this chess match.

She wants to feel his emitted heat.

But she eases away with hesitation.

She wants to feel his love inside her.

But she builds a fence around her longing.

She constantly denies her instincts,

Refuting his willingness…

His readiness to become one with her pains.

She wants to dance with him for hours

Pelvis to pelvis

As the moon shines—

Serenading the moment.

© 2011 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Written as Curiosity

Excerpt from the upcoming chapbook “Open Window”

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