Waves of the Ocean

Waves of the Ocean

Caution Tape Poetry (Flyer) 2

A perfect Sunday afternoon just sitting in the sun

my feet resting in the sand of the beach.

Sitting on a beach chair watching as the lovebirds float in air

and the wind breezes past my face.

The waves of the water acting like a screenplay of my life.

My life, sometimes up and down, filled with mixed emotions

and sometimes as smooth as a boat in the open seas.

Then a gentle hand touches me.

A queen, a princess and an angel in her own right.

Although she may not say such things

I will speak the truth for her.

The wind brushes through her hair

moving past her eyes as if I was pulling the curtains closed.

She was my valentine, my queen, my princess and my angel.

But, most of all, she was the beach.

A vision I looked forward to confining in.

Whenever I had a problem, the beach was there

I could always venture and talk to… the beach.


© 2009 By Charles Banks, Jr.

Excerpt from page 19 of

“The Flower That Wasn’t Meant to Blossom”

© 2009 Published By PUBLISHAMERICA, LLLP


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