Sweet Daydream

Sweet Daydream

Caution Tape Poetry (Flyer)

Sharp eyebrows arch from across Mrs. Nelson’s science class.

Parched lips become moist with anticipation.

A midday rendezvous beckons.

A vivacious encounter is painted.

Sweaty palms caress a flawless face.

Confident eyes meet the gaze of uncertainty.

A kiss from silk soft lips seeks to inspire faith.

With instilled faith comes meandering hands.

Two intense bodies convene with the force of two stars colliding.

A ripped white blouse drops to the floor.

Dislodged buttons nearly injure yearning eyes.

The teacher’s desk becomes a sexual stomping ground.

Inquiring hands arrive at the entrance to pleasure.

Sweet moans indicate granted permission.

The nibbles on a ticklish neck feel like bliss.

Oh, Yes!

The moans intensify.

Curious strokes grow bold in their exploration.

Male loins become erect with each coping feel.

Hazel eyes roll back in their sockets.

The classroom becomes scorching hot.

Bold fingers seize violently a vanilla scented mane.

Returned nibbles on a ticklish neck manifest sweet moans.

A quick snap back into reality.

Two dreamy teenagers share a wink.

A sweet daydream…

Written By Curiosity

© 2009 by Charles Banks, Jr.


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