Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal

I have a brilliant idea,

I don’t know why a person

more brilliant than I hasn’t thought

of this brilliant of an idea.

Let’s burn down infected cities and rebuild

everything over again.  Brilliant!

We’ll force all the negativity to either

die or squirm into the unknown.

We’ll burn down the schools and

venture home by home, setting ablaze

to all the pessimism of the city.

We will burn down all the police stations

and hospitals to put an end to corruption.

We will lead the charge into infected neighborhoods

and burn down gang fronts and hideouts.

We will walk the stairs of City Hall

and burn it to ashes.

We will burn down the Hall of Records,

obliterating all recognition of this town of infection.

By Black Angel

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Excerpt from Page 55 0f “Angel’s Passion”

Published by PublishAmerica, LLLP

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr.


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