Senses of Grace

Senses of Grace

A night to remember

a night to forget

it’s up to the most simple-minded to decipher

a slight melody of jazz

the ocean’s smooth rhythm.


Whispers of an intense heartbeat as tensions flare

the thundering herd of two heads butting

crickets chirping like a Nextel

wind blowing down the door like new beauty.

Wet and damp cement after a torrential downpour

sniffles of seductive perfume

passionate red candles burning in the darkness

the murky aftermath of a fireplace

envious hands touching with bliss

mist hitting our faces as the storm still lingers.


Sweetened strawberries

the finest of red wine

the stars, the dim romantic light

all caused by the extravagant grace of the moonlit night sky

after the clouds scatter.

Written by Curiosity

2009 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Excerpt Page 46 of “The Flower That Wasn’t Meant to Blossom”

Published by PublishAmerica, LLLP

© 2009 by Charles Banks, Jr.


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