Tell Me


Tell me where I should be

And I will be there awaiting your next command.

In one single instant

I will be at your side

In times of triumphs and sorrows.

Tell me what I should do

And I will make Heaven on Earth.

My eternal occupation is to make you happy.

All you have to do is tell me what you want.

Tell me what your dreams are

And I will grant them one by one.

Tell me your secrets, your desires,

And you fantasies

For I will manifest into reality.

© 2011 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Written as CURIOSITY

Visual Artists, Photographers Needed!

Greetings all! I hope the weekend is bringing each and everyone bliss. As you might know by now, I am searching for visual artists, photographers, book cover designers to aid me in creating the perfect front cover to my first chapbook of poetry, OPEN WINDOW! If you would like to inquire about the job, which pays $200, feel free to leave an email or call or send a message to

Business number: (562) 290-3572


If inquiring through email, please put “Cover Art” in the subject line. “Charles Author Banks Jr.”




Such sensual grazes

The touch of one horny lady

Hoist my fever to unbearable heights

With the sultry anticipation of her arrival

The methodic way she moves

My pulse races.

Pound! Pound! Pound!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

I am constantly perspiring

The sweat keeps racing down my face

Like a leaky faucet

I can’t repair it.

And why would I?

Please refrain from touching me!

Don’t make me feel this way!

Stop making my heart skip a beat!

Stop coercing the corduroy mountain to bulge!

If you keep touching me

I won’t be able to control what ensues next.

© 2011 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as Curiosity

Excerpt from the “Open Window” chapbook


Caution Tape Poetry (Flyer) 2

Senses of Grace

Senses of Grace

A night to remember

a night to forget

it’s up to the most simple-minded to decipher

a slight melody of jazz

the ocean’s smooth rhythm.


Whispers of an intense heartbeat as tensions flare

the thundering herd of two heads butting

crickets chirping like a Nextel

wind blowing down the door like new beauty.

Wet and damp cement after a torrential downpour

sniffles of seductive perfume

passionate red candles burning in the darkness

the murky aftermath of a fireplace

envious hands touching with bliss

mist hitting our faces as the storm still lingers.


Sweetened strawberries

the finest of red wine

the stars, the dim romantic light

all caused by the extravagant grace of the moonlit night sky

after the clouds scatter.

Written by Curiosity

2009 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Excerpt Page 46 of “The Flower That Wasn’t Meant to Blossom”

Published by PublishAmerica, LLLP

© 2009 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal

I have a brilliant idea,

I don’t know why a person

more brilliant than I hasn’t thought

of this brilliant of an idea.

Let’s burn down infected cities and rebuild

everything over again.  Brilliant!

We’ll force all the negativity to either

die or squirm into the unknown.

We’ll burn down the schools and

venture home by home, setting ablaze

to all the pessimism of the city.

We will burn down all the police stations

and hospitals to put an end to corruption.

We will lead the charge into infected neighborhoods

and burn down gang fronts and hideouts.

We will walk the stairs of City Hall

and burn it to ashes.

We will burn down the Hall of Records,

obliterating all recognition of this town of infection.

By Black Angel

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Excerpt from Page 55 0f “Angel’s Passion”

Published by PublishAmerica, LLLP

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Opening Act

Opening Act

My feelings are tainted

by male behavior.

My mind is still fixated on the lovely and charming Leslie.

If only she truly understood the extent of my affection of her.

I cannot clearly answer why I have such feelings for her,

desiring to be the guy of her dreams.

Sitting on a cloud of optimism are my hopes and dreams.

The hope of kissing her lips,

holding her in my arms and feeling

the warmth of her love against me.

Dreaming of giving her all the love I possess inside of me.

She deserves the experience of fairytale love.

Leslie deserves so much more than what

she has had in the past.

I could make her happy,

so why won’t she come to her senses?

Does she not see what is directly in front of her face?

If only she looked at me, she’d understand

the extent of my affection.

I won’t give up, however,

I will continue to hammer away at the wall

protecting her heart from constant dangers.

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as Black Angel

Excerpt from Page 31 of “Angel’s Passion”

Published by PublishAmerica, LLLP

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr. Published by PublishAmerica, LLLP

Secrets I Must Reveal

Secrets I Must Reveal

There is something I must tell you,

something I must say

… but I must refrain

for I do not know how you will react.

Based on my perceptions of you,

among all other things I have perceived,

I know that you are very intelligent and

whatever it is that I tell you, you will

analyze it to its core.

You will over-analyze it so much

that it will be blown out of context.

Trust me when I reassure you that

what I have to tell you is not bad news.

In fact, it’s blissful, in my honest opinion.

Getting back to what I have to tell you;

it almost slipped my mind.

I wonder how this secret of mine could be

put into simple words.

Here goes nothing…

I am in love with you…

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Excerpt from Page 38 of “A Rose in the Name of Love”

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Published by

© 2008 by Charles Banks, Jr. Published by

On The Door Steps

On the Door Steps

Constantly knocking

constantly falling short

constantly coming up short of my goal

constantly fighting acceptance

a constant disapproval I let get me down

constantly wearing a depressed face.

Constantly walking without any sense of direction

a constant downpour of pain and suffering, deception and deceit

constantly settling for no Bianca

constantly having no sunshine in my city

constantly settling for last place no more!

© 2009 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Excerpt from page 5 of “The Flower That Wasn’t Meant to Blossom

© 2009 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Published at PublishAmerica, LLLP


© 2009 by Charles Banks, Jr. COVER ART BY PUBLISHAMERICA, LLLP

Looking for Visual Artists






Greetings all! I hope everyone is having a splendid month of April. If you have been following me, then you know that I am currently working on my first chapbook of poetry “Open Window.” I am in the tail end of the process. Also, if you have been following my news, then you know that I am in search for visual artists to collaborate with on the front cover art for my book. If you have any information about visual art, or would like to collaborate with me, CONTACT ME ASAP!!!!!

BUSINESS NUMBER: (562) 290-3572