Shattered Glass Bottle


Glass is shattering at this present moment.

Shush! Can you hear it?

It’s the spirit of a fallen man,

A cry for aid.


But no one hears the broken shards.

No one hears its impact against the mighty wall.

No one hears its tiny remains make sympathetic keyboard notes.


Formally a stout Vodka bottle

But now a million reflections of a lost man.

Its contents comfort him,

A deceiving console.


So, can you hear it?

The spirit of a fallen man?

It cries out in a melancholy plea.

Shush! Listen and you might faintly hear

The muted screams.


© 2011 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as BLACK ANGEL

One thought on “Shattered Glass Bottle

  1. Great perspective on something that can be quite taboo to talk about.

    Depression can really be debilitating and it’s great to hear other stories about the experiences they went through. Sometimes just hearing from someone else that shares, or can empathize, with your pain can mean the world.

    I hope others find your site as useful as I have.


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