Silent Mirror



Why are you always so judgmental?

Always smiling your little sunshine grin?

Why can’t you just mind your own damn business?


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Why do you reveal the worst images

Of them all?

In the graceful peaks of dawn,

You disclose a private side of me—

A side that no one should know

Sits at the pit of my existence.


Why do you judge me so harshly, Mirror?

Someone is going to railroad you soon.

When you least expect it, someone will

Strike you and shatter you into a

Thousand prickly pieces of pathetic sadness.


Your judgmental brow is always arched!

Why, Mirror?

Oh, why?


You remain silent, Mirror.

Tell me why!

Won’t you tell me?

Won’t you tell me why you judge me?


© 2011 by Charles Banks, Jr.

Writing as BLACK ANGEL


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